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Take a break with a cup of tea.With some tips, your tea will be surprisingly delicious.

Recommend of season

    • Moderately steamed premium Sencha. We blended Uji-cha and Shizuoka-cha into Kakegawa-cha. This is one of the most popular products of the company. No special care is required to generate its good color, aroma, and full body. If you use hot water at lower temperatures, the fine taste is improved even more. Our second most popular product.



    • The hottest product!
      We offer them of the regular charge of 6,000 yen for 5,000 yen.
      “HATSUZUMI” is a series of middle steamed Sencha in which teas of many different area are blended. This is the original product we, having a supplier all over Japan, can produce. This is very convenient tea, taste good, beautiful clear green color, and suitable for the gift too.

      100g x 6p


    • Otsukimi is an observance that began in Japanese Heian period ( 8th AD to 11th AD) by learning Chinese custom.
      This tea is good body and nice taste and aromatic and is good couple with Odango. It is like watching full moon in Otsukimi when you see the clear golden color of the tea in the white tea cup. Would you like to try Japanese culture at times ?



    • High grade deep steamed tea and mixed Matcha and adds gilt. Made it to be able to brew the gilt with tea through tight inner net of the kyusu(the Japanese tea pot).Amazing green color and gilt is brilliantly on the tea, gorgeous and good topic of conversation. It is good for little something to gift and Season’s gift.



    • It is a green tea made by the manufacturing method that is lit at a dash at the high temperature of 300 degrees and manufactured. It smells, and easy green tea in freshness in the aftertaste and the stomach no matter how it drinks thinking the roasted tea fragrant. Please use the amount of the tea leaf for a little thick eyes few with going out.



    • A set of three tea bargain. Darjeeling BOP, Uva OP, a set of Assam BOP.

      3 bags


    • The brand new tea produced by a special tea-planting technology, which uses a steam water vapor during the tea plantation.
      This special tea can help the body absorb water effectively, and is suitable taking while and after playing sports.

      3g x 30p


    • Matcha is rich in Vitamins, also Matcha contain catechin richly.
      Matcha is excellent tea .for your health.



    • Duck eat harmful inspect and weed in a paddy field. So rice cultivation is possible by non agricultural chemicals. This genmaicha is non agricultural chemicals. It is good for health.



    • Mt.Fuji is a reputation and candy is a delicious candy. Ideal for a little gift.

      Green tea candy 4 pieces, tea candy pieces, orange candy 3 pieces


    • Delicate aroma and the time to heal. Unique shape and beautiful light,Aroma’s synergy make living deep contentment.



    • 1 quire(10 sheets)


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