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Take a break with a cup of tea.With some tips, your tea will be surprisingly delicious.

Recommend of season

  • Ohashiri excellent new season tea / HATSUZUMI

    Ohashiri excellent new season tea / HATSUZUMI

    • Assortment of first tea of the season on large run special and seeing first tea of the season handy and delicious. It is the best for the greeting at the season.

      100g in a 2packets


  • Ippuku hyakuwarai Set

    Ippuku hyakuwarai Set

    • The contents is"hathuthumi" and "magokoro", both our most popular Sencha.The message on the canister says, "When you have this tea, you will be happy and want to laugh a hundred times." We can assure you that you will be content with this tea.

      200g x 2


  • Love Sakura

    Love Sakura

    • The scent of cherry blossom, slightly sour taste, and premium Sencha powder make a good match. Reminiscent of a flurry of scattering cherry blossoms. Have a break and a cup of flavored tea. In teabag style for your convenience. Enjoy this stylish afternoon tea.

      35g (7 x 5g)


  • Sakurafubuki


    • This year cherry blossom has been special for Japanese giving us hope for a nice spring season.We offer Kakegawa-newly-picked tea packaged with the cherry blossom design tea can.Deeply roasted Kakegawa-newly-picked tea allows full flavor and aroma that everyone can enjoy. We also recommend this Kakegawa tea can package as a gift for special occasion.

      100g sakura can


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