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Take a break with a cup of tea.With some tips, your tea will be surprisingly delicious.

Recommend of season

    • Powdered green tea Benifuuki hay to your worries
      Benifuuki is one of green tea improved varieties in tea, semi-fermented tea varieties. There are featured in my praise and crossing of the green tea cultivar "makura CD86" rich in methylated Catechin, to relieve allergy symptoms.



    • You can drink tea nutritional whole, powdered tea from only one swing into hot water, tea easily. Ideal for souvenirs at reasonable prices.

      30g approximately 100 servings


    • Mt.Fuji and Kinkaku-ji is a reputation and candy is a delicious candy. Ideal for a little gift.

      Green tea candy 4 pieces, tea candy pieces, orange candy 3 pieces.

      500yen each

    • The earliest harvested tea of Japan ! delicious taste!
      Yakushima to be said that Gods inhabit. The tea plucked in the tea garden in Yakushima is delicious taste and soft smell.
      Best for gift!

      70g each.


    • The tea's beautiful green color reminds me spring and the taste is sweet as well as aroma feels you spring. The tea is little thin and middle steamed and middle heated sencha produced in Kawane region.



    • The scent of cherry blossom, slightly sour taste, and premium Sencha powder make a good match. Reminiscent of a flurry of scattering cherry blossoms. Have a break and a cup of flavored tea. In teabag style for your convenience. Enjoy this stylish afternoon tea.

      35g (7 x 5g)


    • Chakusaba of Shizuoka Authorize by GIAHS
      Product by tea master who is awarded by the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. and Governor of Shizuoka Prefecture.



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