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Take a break with a cup of tea.With some tips, your tea will be surprisingly delicious.

Recommend of season

  • The gilt with big fortunate tea

    The gilt with big fortunate tea

    • High grade deep steamed tea and mixed Matcha and adds gilt. Made it to be able to brew the gilt with tea through tight inner net of the kyusu(the Japanese tea pot).Amazing green color and gilt is brilliantly on the tea, gorgeous and good topic of conversation. It is good for little something to gift and Seasonfs gift.



  • Kotobuki Kombucha

    Kotobuki Kombucha

    • Soft Kombu (kelp) produced in Risiri region are cut shaping by "Kotobui" in Kanji (Japanese character). When you pour hot water, Kombu absorbed hot water and become big "Kotobuki" Kanji (Kotobuki means celebration in words in Japanese) Kombucha used well in celebrating occasion. We assure its unique and enjoyable products would bring the interesting topic of your conversation.

      1bag 8pieces contained


  • Kichirei Fukucha

    Kichirei Fukucha

    • Origin of Fukucha-tea
      One day in the Ancient time when unknown epidemic hit Kyoto that killed thousands, the Saint Kuuya gave the sufferer the tea, which had once purified by the Buddha. Unbelievably many sufferers were recovered by the tea.
      The Murayama heard the happening and made an unofficial advice to drink the tea on New Year's Day.
      This whole event has been told by generations and now called Ofukucha.
      Ofukucha is told to give a luck and long-life by drinking on Nyew Years's day



  • Matcha(The winner in the 66th Hand-rubbed Sencha Competition in Kansai)(Tencha category) named Gracious of the court

    Matcha(The winner in the 66th Hand-rubbed Sencha Competition in Kansai)(Tencha category) named Gracious of the court

    • This is Matcha by grinding the winner Tencha of the 66th Hand-rubbed Sencha Competition in Kansai where held in Nara distribution center in 10th September 2013. There are 116 Tencha exhibits in this year. Our company's president participated and successfully bid the winner Tencha.

      30g with tin


    • We first glimpse the now popular Matcha karinto. Assorted karinto overlapping deep sweetness of the honey and tea bitter and light crispy, flavorful and our popular No.1 Sencha' Hathuzumi It is most suitable as a little souvenir when you go back to your hometown , ideal for moments of togetherness.

      ShinchaHathuthumi 100g
      Matcha Karinto 90g


    • You can make 500 cups of tea in the book.Solved easily, made tea the same fineness as Matcha .Rich flavor, taste ,,easy to drink tea, food, cookies, latte, and very active in. Sushi shop in heavy use, handy to whiskey, shochu with hot water.

      100g with holder


    • It is deep black oolong tea with Mie produced contract tea maker 100% teas.
      From June to July it is picking, high fermentation ,usually triple time fermented, pungent thereby, lively flavor comes out.
      Until the pastry also finished flavor of extra fat after eating in to cater from the Japanese-style confection.

      Tea Bag 4g x 20p


    • This product is domestic burdock root tea-leaf powder processed without handy easily ingested dietary fiber whole tea leaves. For piloting aroma and taste, more deeply we have roasted slowly and carefully in our proprietary process. Please use the daily health and beauty.

      (1.5g×12p) 18g


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